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Kingdom of Wow!

Ethically Handmade Footwear

Carefully Crafted Comfort

Handmade footwear designed for lasting comfort. Crafted with care using sustainable materials in an empowering and fair workspace.

Carbon Compensated

Because manufacturing responsibly is the only way we do business, Kingdom of Wow! supports tree planting to offset the carbon we create.

Embrace endless summer style

Ethically Handmade Footwear

Combining everyday luxury with sustainability, Kingdom of Wow! embraces slow fashion to create timeless footwear that is made to last. Handmade from high-quality natural materials, our intimate designs embody stylish at-home comfort and promote well-being. Our collections of winter wool slippers and summer-styled espadrilles are ethically made in Cambodia by local women. All our footwear is shipped directly from within the U.S.

Carbon compensated footwear

Footwear that is carbon compensated

How Kingdom of Wow helps to protect tropical rainforests in Cambodia.