Our Materials

From researching the very best yarns on the market to sourcing colorful durable cottons and stylish accessories. All our materials are chosen to create the highest quality handmade footwear and keep our impact on the planet to a minimum.


Created by Mother Nature herself, wool is a natural and sustainable fiber grown by sheep on a simple diet of sunshine, water, fresh air and lush grass. Made as part of a natural cycle that’s gentle on the planet, wool is warm, durable, naturally insulating and has antibacterial properties. Perfect for creating warm, cozy slippers. Combined with a touch of high-quality bamboo or acrylic yarn to create the unique sturdiness and durability of your slippers. Each pair is finished with a soft suede sole that’s carefully hand-sewn into place.

KOW - Quality Wool

Quality Wool Blend

  • odor-free
  • itch-free
  • anti-microbial and mold resistant


Known perhaps best as a staple for pandas, bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. The fastest growing grass, up to 47 inches a day and doesn’t need replanting after harvest due to its vast root system. Created using plant fibers, bamboo viscose is known for its softness and breathability. It’s also 100% biodegradable. 


Soft white fluffy balls grown in a protective seed, cotton is used globally more than any other natural fiber. A durable textile offering soft, breathable all-year-round comfort, cotton is ideal in hot humid climates, as the fabric “breathes” absorbing perspiration that evaporates through the material. Leaving feet feeling fresh and airy. 

KOW - Performance Odour


  • regulates temperature
  • minimizes perspiration and odor


Known as the “golden fiber” because of its versatility, jute is second only to cotton in its production and broad range of uses. Spun into strong, coarse thread, jute rope is traditionally used for espadrille soles. Naturally cooling and completely environmentally-friendly we didn’t tie ourselves in knots with our decision to use this material. Adding an organic rubber sole to the jute soles offers extra durability.

Icelandic Lopi Wool

Eco-friendly & unique

Icelandic Lopi Wool

From one of the oldest and purest breeds of sheep, Icelandic Lopi wool uniquely contains two different types of hair. The coarse outer layer is long and water-resistant. Underneath is a finer, short hair creating a softer layer of insulation.

Lopi wool takes fibers from both layers creating a soft breathable yarn that’s flexible and durable. This wool puts the sturdy in the sturdiness of our slippers.

Oh and if that isn’t enough, Lopi wool is created in the most environmentally-friendly way. Free-grazing sheep and using renewable energy in its production process.

Carbon compensated footwear

Footwear that's carbon compensated

Learn how we help to protect tropical rainforest in Cambodia.