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Our Workshop

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Kingdom of Wow Siem Reap Workshop

It's our mission...

…to design beautiful, ethical products created in a fair and empowering environment. To lead change in our community and the wider manufacturing industry and inspire people to become more mindful, conscious consumers.

Made ethically

Our footwear is a work of love. Our workshop provides a safe and healthy work environment for our team, a place where our footwear is created with care and commitment to the sound of friendly chatter and laughter.

B Corp logo

We’re proud to be B Corp Certified.

From Thread to Toe

Contrary to on-trend fast fashion where brands are often disconnected from manufacturing, our entire design and production process is managed from our workshop in Cambodia. This lets us stay connected every step of the way.


We all have a footprint. As an ethical business, we strive to minimize the impact we have on the planet. We mostly use biodegradable materials for our products. And the little carbon we create is offset by supporting the protection of natural rainforest. 

Zero Waste

Getting creative with our remnants is one of our favorite recreations. Some of our best ideas come from the motivation to use up our waste materials. We love making fun new products! 

The WOW spirit

Manufacturing with purpose

Our footwear is a labor of love, not only in its design but in its creation. We take pride in doing things right, this means producing our footwear responsibly, the only way to get things done in our book!

Our workshop provides our team with a healthy and safe workplace. A nourishing environment where our staff can flourish and earn fair-wages to support themselves and their families. At the same time, we offer secure employment and benefits over and above legal minimums set by the Cambodian Labor Law including insurance and free wholesome lunches. Read more in our employee handbook.

In return, our products are handmade with commitment and care. For us, it makes sense that a happy team is a loyal and productive one.

Different from on-trend fast fashion brands that are often disconnected from manufacturing. We also manage our entire design and production process from our Cambodia-based workshop, letting us embrace slow fashion principles and remain connected at every step. A giant leap for a small company that wants to lead change and influence the wider manufacturing sector to implement good working practices as an industry standard.

Kingdom of Wow team eating lunch

Our Story

Relaxing in “pothees” from the age of eight, Godie van de Paal is a forever fan of these hand-crocheted comfy cozy slippers.

When the time came for the original artisan to hang up her crocheting hook and retire, fulfilling a desire to keep alive an amazing handcrafted product and a passion to produce ethically, it felt natural for Godie to take over the business.

Combining nostalgia with new design “pothees” soon became KOWs. And just like that the journey into Kingdom of Wow began.

Carbon compensated footwear

Footwear that's carbon compensated

Learn how we help to protect tropical rainforest in Cambodia.