Beat the computer-hunch with downward dog and yoga slippers


Yoga socks slippers blog post

Most people with a desk job will relate to the eight-hour struggle to avoid the dreaded ‘computer-hunch’. Assessing the position of your chair, desk height, keyboard raised or flat, slippers on or off: in the end it all seems a little pointless when you find yourself posed to dive headfirst into the wondrous world of work via your computer screen.

Enough is enough

After a long day of excel and emails in a bid to make the world more knowledgeable of our handmade wool slippers, releasing myself from another unfortunate human pretzel,  I decide something seriously needs to be done. Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia where people come either to “see-temples-and-get-drunk” or “see-temples-and-do-a-cleanse”, the obvious choice: yoga!

With a tendency to draw others into my plans, I quickly find willing victims Eva and Marie to drag along. We meet at Kingdom of Wow workshop the next day, all set for our intro to yoga. Dressed in my “active wear” I admit I already feel super flexible and balanced, perhaps I should stop here….. another reason why I need moral support to get my derriere to this work-out!

Our first session is yoga stretch, which sounds a pretty relaxed way to discover yoga with slow, deep stretching. Exactly what you need if suffering from computer-hunch, I thought. And it was, but whoa right up there with a Muay Thai sparring session in intensity. We’re all pretty fit but try sitting on your knees with your arms stretched in front with your chest touching the floor for a whole 5 MINUTES!! After an hour we’re grateful to get back to the slipper-making business albeit feeling super relaxed and flexible.

Finally finding flexibility in yoga slippers

Our second session is Hatha basics which practices a series of calm poses. Quite agreeable we thought, Eva and I at least, Marie having already bailed. By session three, we’re really get the hang of it, keeping up with a faster series of poses combined with proper stretching. It’s quite possible I can now put on my slippers with straightened legs while gracefully bending down to touch the floor. Ha!  

So, did yoga help me beat the computer-hunch? Not really. But at least I’m now complementing my daily climb into my computer screen with some healthy stretching. And I’m seriously considering replacing my chair for a space hopper…. but that’s another blog post!