The Conscience of Clothing: A Journey into Sustainability

The Conscience of Clothing

The documentary film project “The Conscience of Clothing” aims to raise awareness about sustainability and fair fashion.

Garment workers in Cambodia often face precarious working conditions on a daily basis. From the dangers of commuting to and from work, unfair wages and the delicate balance of supporting themselves and their families back in homeland. But what does making fashion mean to the people of Cambodia, whose work is mainly focused on exports to the Global North?

“The Conscience of Clothing – Mode.Macht.Menschen.” by director Patrick Kohl and Rosa-Luxemborg-Stiftung follows the journey of fashion blogger Willy Iffland and journalist Helen Fares in Cambodia, where they meet workers, factory owners and trade union activists who stand up for fair wages, safe working conditions and freedom of opinion and assembly,  

The film provides a broad insight into the local garment industry in Cambodia. Discussing not only corporate due diligence in global supply chains, but also topics such as egoism and consumption in real-life capitalism, intersectional feminism, and sustainability.